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The X Factor

X Factor’s Diamond White: “My Mom Is All I Need” — Exclusive

On November 21, 2012, X Factor Season 2 finalist Diamond White revealed that her mother suffers from scoliosis — and once almost died during surgery. After her graceful and heartfelt performance, Diamond spoke exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment about how her mother is doing today — and if she’s heard from her long-absent father.

How did you feel about your performance tonight?
I feel awesome about my performance. The big thing about being an artist is getting the emotion across and I feel like I did that. I’m going to watch it back tonight and see how everything sounded and went, but I'm happy with my performance and I'm glad with how it turned out.

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Your mom must be so proud of you.
Yeah, I was really shocked because my mom isn’t the type of person to cry. My mom isn’t an emotional person and neither am I. Knowing that she was crying when I was singing, I was like, “What? Are you serious?” I was shocked. And, they gave me a standing ovation, except for Simon. I’m going to get him to stand up one of these times because Simon is just a tough nut to crack.

How is your mom’s health now?
My mom is the happiest person right now. She’s healthy, but she’s still having a lot of problems with her back because the bracket is still in there, but she’s getting stronger with time. It’s tough for her, but she said that me singing is her medicine so, I’m just going to keep singing.

It must have been hard to talk about your dad tonight. Has your dad ever tried to contact you, especially with you putting yourself out into the world now being on this show?
Well, I kind of want things to stay the same because I feel like if my dad was going to come into my life now, it would be because of the show and I don’t want it to be fake, you know? So, I’m more than happy with just my mom in my life. I could live the rest of my life with just my mom. I don’t need a father figure in my life. My mom is all that I need.

11.23.2012 / 11:50 PM EDT by Gena Oppenheim
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