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How Does Adam Levine Feel About Christina Aguilera? You Asked, We Answered!

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera made headlines for their alleged feud over Adam’s finalist, Tony Lucca, during The Voice Season 2.

Tony and Christina were in The Mickey Mouse Club together as kids and apparently didn’t get along, because once Tony was in the competition, Christina proceeded to attack him at every opportunity.

In one of the first live shows, the diva called the contestant “one-dimensional” and said he was only in the competition thanks to “celebrity sway.”

And the thrashings continued as the weeks went on, especially during Tony’s finale performance of “99 Problems,” when Xtina was offended by the lyrics.

At the time, there were reports of vicious feuds coming from the set, but now that we’ve moved on to Season 3, things are looking up for former frenemies, Christina and Adam.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Adam at a New York City press conference last month where he cleared the air about his relationship with the diva.

“Obviously Christina and I had our silly little squabble that was nothing,” he said. “The fights that everyone thought we were having were fictional. We never hated each other. We never were having some sort of secret battle that everyone thought we were having.”

“It was silly bickering things that brother and sister would do. However, those things are in the past now,” he continued. “You find it’s easy for the coaches to stay close and have each other’s backs. We were always just messing around. It was never serious. We’re all good, Christina and I.”

We’re glad to hear it! Do you think the feud was entirely made up or was there something going on between those two? Weigh in below!

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11.24.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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