Revenge’s E.J. Bonilla Teases Nolan Ross’s New Love Interest, Marco Romero!
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Revenge’s E.J. Bonilla Teases Nolan Ross’s New Love Interest, Marco Romero!

Yes, Nolan Ross is a self-proclaimed “three on the Kinsey Scale” with a steamy Tyler Barrol hookup to prove it, but we were still floored when we saw the tech genius macking on a new man in the promo for Sunday’s brand new episode of Revenge.

“Lineage,” this season’s first flashback episode, will feature Nolan’s ex, Marco Romero who helped him get Nolcorp off the ground.

In a recent interview with TV Equals, actor E.J. Bonilla who plays Marco, gave us the inside scoop on this newbie.

“Well, Marco Romero is a boy from Nolan’s past and they’ve known each other,” he told the site. “I guess you could say that Marco was part of that time in his life, you know? Before he was rich … he knows Nolan as Nolan. Sometimes the people from your past come back and it’s scary and it shakes things up a bit, you know? Even if that rumble is the fact that they know the real you.”

Nolan recently asked Padma if she’d still be with him if he was just a regular guy, and we may get the chance to find out if Grayson Global takes over Nolan’s company.

Could this mystery man from Nolan’s past create some turbulence in Nolan and Padma’s relationship? All signs point to yes!

Are you excited to meet this new character? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Equals

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