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Top 5 Castle and Beckett Moments From Season 5, Episode 8: “After Hours”

Rick Castle and Kate Beckett have disagreed in the past, but this week’s episode of Castle, “After Hours,” featured the couple’s first fight, that, in the end, had nothing to do with subway schedules, locked cell phones, or Castle’s lack of real world solutions. Their tension, and not the fun kind, centered around their own fundamental differences as an odd couple.

Whether you agree with their assessment or not, one thing we certainly know is that this episode offered come of the cutest Caskett exchanges to date. Take a peek at our Top 5 Caskett moments from Season 5, Episode 8: “After Hours” below.

5. Castle Offers Takeout … Kinda!

One of Dolan’s men can’t find our “trusted” trio in the basement, so Castle opts to make a break for an open Chinese take-out restaurant, while Beckett stays behind with an injured Leo. She is all kinds of concerned, knowing that she could potentially lose the love of her life if he’s not careful.

As Castle prepares to travel into the Bronx at night all by his lonesome, he’s still the same, humorous knight in shining armor that will always use sarcasm to make Beckett smile. “Don’t worry,” he tells Beckett before planting a sweet, goodbye smooch. “I’ll bring you back a doggie bag.”

Too bad the joke didn’t turn that frown upside down, but we applaud you for your effort. We think she might’ve laughed if the mob wasn’t chasing you.

4. Beckett Reveals Her Latest Caskett Insecurity!

Beckett and Castle’s snide bickering came to a halting head when Kate revealed her own insecurities about their relationship. She wonders how an ordinary cop and a best-selling author can last, because they sure as heck don’t make sense on paper. Castle can barely respond before being interrupted by, of all people, a trucker over the radio. (Wait, does that mean all those years of watching MacGyver actually paid off?)

By episode’s end, our killer’s been caught, and Castle only has one minor major debacle to clear up at the 12th. He assures her that they are in this relationship together, no matter their unspoken differences. "So what if we don’t make sense on paper,” he tells her while staring deep into her eyes. “We don’t live our lives on paper.” We just hope debunking this is the only bubble that bursts around here.

Credit: Richard Cartwright /ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. Mom (and Dad) Know Best!

The Caskett partnership has finally dipped into a “partnership,” but no one, not even mom and dad, has forgotten that when their lives are on the line, it’s each other they ultimately count on the most.

Martha and Jim can’t help but be concerned for their crime-solving kids’ safety when they learn Castle and Beckett are on the run to protect a witness. But in a touching heart-to-heart between these parental units down at the precinct, they reveal that C & B are at their best when they are together. “She does say she always feels safest when your son’s watching her back,” Jim tells Momma Martha, to which she responds, “He says the same thing about her. At least wherever they are, they have each other to lean on.”

2. Joke's Over!

When Castle appears from around the corner with Dolan, Beckett lets out a huge sigh of relief that her brave beau is still alive and intact. But how in fact did he know to escape the car and leave it sitting there for Leo to find? “Once you made that comment about my mom enjoying baseball, I knew we were about six months away from joking about that. Something had to be up.”

Beckett can’t contain her infectious grin and they share a cute moment just like they always do, in a showdown with the Irish mob.

1. “I thought I lost you!”

Kate’s sigh is only half as adorable as what she does next. Beckett barely waits for the police to take down Leo and Dolan’s mob crew before she, still cuffed in duct tape, makes a beeline for Castle and tightly wraps her arms around his neck. “I thought I lost you,” she whispers in his ear. “No, never,” Castle replies as he hands her back her lost gun and badge. It might be a bit chilly outside, but our hearts completely melted at that moment.

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