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The Bachelor

Casey Shteamer Takes Bachelor Producer Boyfriend Elan Gale Home to Meet the Parents

Guess who’s coming to dinner? A Bachelor producer. Join us for this timeless Thanksgiving love journey, co-starring a bearded v-necked man, his leggy blonde girlfriend, a Twitter hashtag, and the state of Kansas.

Bachelor producer Elan Gale had been dating Bachelor Season 17 contestant Casey Shteamer on and off for roughly a fistful months by the time The Holidays hit. Casey now lives in the darling seaside village of Venice, California, but is originally from Leawood, Kansas, which means winter months require a pilgrimage Eastward.

Elan bought a few polo shirts and his trusty friend The Internet with him. On November 21, 2012, Elan tweeted, “Flying to Midwest tomorrow morning to meet the girlfriend’s parents for Thanksgiving. I will be documenting using hash tag #MeetTheParents.” The following are the events as transcribed in Elan’s Internet Journal:

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November 22:
“at LAX about to board our flight. Point of no return. Please tell my family I love them.”

“Working on conversation starters. ‘How many times have you been arrested? What is the age of consent in this state’ Good?”

#Just landed in Kansas. Everyone here is so friendly! People just keep offering me food and shelter!!”

“So far, so good. Thankfully, being shot at is a sign of respect here.”

“Upon request I am wearing a polo shirt please don’t show anyone”

November 23:
“I think they installed a tracking chip in my tooth while I was asleep last night”

November 24:
“Day 3 Itinerary. 14:00 Kansas City Barbeque Gorging Festival 19:00 Japanese Hibachi Smorgasbord 21:00 Triple Bypass Surgery”

“Trying to impress father by drinking as many Bud Lites as fast as I can. What could possibly go wrong?”

Credit: @yearofelan    

November 25:
“Day 4. Heading out to ‘the farm’ for two days. If you haven’t heard from me, the cows have taken over. Send help.”

“I this a good sign or a bad sign?”

To be continued...

Source: @TheYearofElan