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The Walking Dead

Major Walking Dead Spoilers on Tonight’s Episode 7: What Does The Governor Do to Maggie? What Does Carl Name the Baby?

Warning: This is a spoilers play-by-play of what will supposedly happen on tonight’s (Sunday, November 25) The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” as posted by Spoil the Dead. That forum had spot-on spoilers for last week’s episode, so we’re trusting them again. If you’re looking for more general info on what’s to come on Episodes 7 and 8 (aka the midseason finale), head here.

So what’s about to happen? Here we go...

MERLE VS. GLENN: Last we saw Merle (Michael Rooker), he had abducted Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and brought them to Woodbury to get intel on the prison (aka where to find Merle’s brother, Daryl.) According to Spoil the Dead, “Merle interrogates Glenn, tries to make him sound like the bad guy for leaving him on the roof in Atlanta. Maggie can hear Glenn being beaten from the next room over.” Later in the ep, “Merle continues working on Glenn, who's face is looking pretty f*cked up by now. Glenn threatens that Rick [Andrew Lincoln] will come looking for him, along with Shane, Dale, Jim, Andrea... Merle is amused.” Still later, The Other Dixon Bro gets even more sadistic. “Merle turns up the heat on Glenn. He lets a hungry zombie loose in the room while Glenn is forced to fight while still bound to a chair. Glenn makes an impressive stand against the walker and is able to kill it by smashing his chair into a wall and using a shard of wood. Meanwhile, Merle tells The Governor that Glenn isn't breaking and he's going to work on Maggie next. The Governor replies that's alright, he'll take care of it himself.” Ruh-roh! If you watch the new promo video at the bottom of this story, it does show Merle threatening Glenn with zombies. And it also shows some of what The Gov does to Maggie.

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RICK’S GROUP HITS A HUMAN ROADBLOCK: “The rescue group goes it on foot and is soon surrounded by walkers in the forest. They take refuge in a not-so-abandoned cabin. The owner has been living under a rock and is very confused about the whole zombie apocalypse thing, waves a shotgun around and tries to open the door to the swarming walkers outside. Michone stabs him. Rick tosses the body out the front door as a distraction while the group sneaks out the back.”

MAGGIE REVEALS THE PRISON LOCATION: “The Governor pulls a gun on Glenn in front of Maggie and she finally breaks, revealing the location of the prison. Rick's group reaches the gates of Woodbury. The Governor questions Merle's loyalty and plans his next move with his closest advisers. Andrea returns from Milton's lab and gives Gov the bad news. He tells her everything will be alright, much in the same way he said it to Maggie.”

So The Governor is as much of an poophead as we expected, and poor Andrea is still left in the dark about it. But hell with poor Andrea — poor Maggie and Glenn! But if The Governor is pissed at Merle for lying to him, maybe this leaves the door open a crack for Merle to turn back to the “good” side with Daryl’s group, once the brothers are reunited? Yeah, Merle probably hates Rick, and it’s not like Rick and company really loved Merle, but The Prison Group vs. Woodbury is like Survivor: Zombie Apocalypse and we know Survivor is a numbers game. Make the right alliance, Merle!

Anyway, this sets us up for Episode 8, “Made to Suffer,” which is the midseason finale and will include probably a serious character death (or more than one) plus the arrival of Tyreese.

Source: Spoil the Dead

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