Why Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy Will Win DWTS All-Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

Why Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy Will Win DWTS All-Stars

Who will win Dancing With the Stars All-Stars? A female celeb! But it could be any one of these three candidates: Shawn Johnson, Kelly Monaco or Melissa Rycroft. They all have strengths and weaknesses and we’ll be sharing reasons why each of them could win. Here are three reasons why Season 1 champ Kelly could be taking home her second Mirror Ball trophy.

1. She’s the most improved
Kelly and Shawn are both winners, but Kelly won the very first season, which only had six episodes and was drastically different from how it was for Shawn and Melissa on Season 8, never mind today. Kelly has steadily improved over the course of Season 15, in terms of technique and also entertainment value. She puts her acting skills to good use, getting into the character of each dance — even the ones that don’t show off her natural chemistry with Valentin Chmerkovskiy. But on that note...

2. She and Val have smokin’ hot chemistry
Kelly has a huge fan base from General Hospital, and she and Val have wisely tapped into soap fans’ natural love for passion and drama. Team Vally has fully embraced the are-they-or-aren’t-they flirtation, teasing fans with more evidence of their smoldering chemistry and more shots of Val’s ripped body. Non-fans may sniff that Kelly and Val should get a room, but the other two couples are already doing the wholesome, just friends, America’s Sweetheart thing, so why not be the raw, sexy, outspoken couple? It’s a TV show, and Team Vally gives fans a little dessert along with their healthy servings of great dancing.

3. They are the real underdogs
The judges — and Melissa — have painted Melissa as the underdog, because she’s the only one who has yet to win a Mirror Ball trophy, but Melissa made it through more episodes of Season 8 than Kelly ever did on Season 1. And the judges have responded better to Melissa and Tony Dovolani’s dancing on All-Stars. Kelly and Val still have yet to score a 10 this season. The judges just seem to prefer what Melissa and Shawn are doing. It’s possible Kelly’s first 10s are coming on the Finals. If so, it would be the culmination of a long journey of improvement. But Kelly and Val have been at the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard before and made it through, so even if they end up there again on Monday, it’s no guarantee that their loyal fans won’t still push them to victory. Besides, a Chmerkovskiy has yet to win a Mirror Ball trophy, even after having at least one on DWTS since Season 2. Isn’t it time?

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