10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 8
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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 8

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 8: “Into the Deep.”

1. Did Hook really take Aurora’s heart?
It’s no secret that Captain Hook has already stolen our hearts. But we weren’t exactly thrilled that he swiped Aurora’s as if the poor girl hasn’t had enough to deal with. So how did he learn to do it? We’re thinking he might have used pixie dust from Neverland, and perhaps he has seen Cora taking someone’s heart and has learned from her. Give it back, dude.

Then again, did Hook actually take Aurora’s heart, since we never see him do it? It does seem a little odd that he would tell Aurora to give Emma a message when he knows that he and Cora can just manipulate Aurora’s heart to make her say whatever they want her to say. Something seems fishy (and no, that’s not a mermaid joke).

2. Will Emma and Snow get the ink or will they need to summon a certain mermaid?
It’s safe to say that approximately 0.0001% of the plans that are made by the characters on this show manage to get carried out without anything going wrong. That’s why we would be shocked if Snow and Emma successfully retrieve the ink from Rumple’s secret stash and are able to trap Cora.

More likely, they’ll need to summon a mermaid for some assistance which we’re assuming means that the Little Mermaid will be joining the team sooner than later. Speaking of which, we would by lying if we said that we didn’t bust out “Part of Your World” whenever we do karaoke. It’s a great karaoke jam, people.

3. Will Ursula be the squid whose ink they have to get?
In the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, Ursula looks a bit more like an octopus than a squid, but we’re thinking she’s likely to be the squid that Gold refers to when he tells Henry about the ink for the quill. And let’s just say that, as we see this week, Gold apparently tells the least comforting bedtime stories ever.

4. How will Aurora get her heart back?
Thanks to Hook stealing Aurora’s heart, Cora has managed to turn Aurora into her own personal ventriloquist dummy. So how long will it take the other ladies to realize that Aurora is leading them astray? Given that Snow was able to catch Cora when she was disguised as Lancelot and used Henry’s name, let’s hope that Snow can catch her again.

5. Will Aurora eventually make a deal with Cora to bring back Phillip?
Can we promise that we would have turned down Cora’s offer to bring Phillip back to life, just as Aurora turned down this week? No, we can’t the dude is all kinds of gorgeous.

And because we’ve gotten hints that Phillip is in fact returning to the show, we’re wondering if Aurora will in fact align herself with Cora to make this happen. Or perhaps someone else will help Aurora bring Phillip back, like perhaps Gold.

6. How long will David remain asleep?
There are certainly times typically on Monday mornings when we feel like we could stay asleep for several years at the least. But we’re thinking David would prefer to rise and shine, especially since he’s stuck in that fiery room. However, David might have to wait for Snow to get back to Storybrooke and kiss him before he can regain consciousness. Could be a long wait.

But David had luck this week smashing through floors, Hulk-style, so if we were him, we’d attempt this “groundbreaking” solution until he smashed through everything in sight and ended up somewhere that’s not on fire. Either that, or he should grab a bag of marshmallows and make the best of things by whipping up some s’mores.

7. So whose side is Captain Hook on exactly?
Talk about a flip-flopper. It felt like Hook changed his mind a bajillion times this week about whose side he’s on or at least he made it seem that way. We still think he really does have feelings for Emma, and so we’re holding out hope that he sees the error of his ways and saves Aurora’s heart. Still, Cora is not the kind of person you really want to screw over.

8. Do you still want Emma to end up with Hook?
Can we really root for Emma to end up with a dude who’s capable of pulling out someone’s heart? Then again, Emma’s other primary options appear to be Neal and August, neither of whom are fans of staying on the right side of the law. So we can’t help but expect that Hook will have a change of “heart” and will turn on Cora.

9. Why did the Rumbelle date get interrupted? Seriously we’re not happy!
We finally get to see Rumple and Belle on their long-awaited burger date, and then Regina has to go and interrupt it by spooking Belle with talk of Cora? Gah! But before Regina came barging in and acting all Regina-esque, we loved watching those two explore the wonders of ground beef. Belle has a way of bringing out an adorable side to Rumple that we forget he has.

10. Couldn’t Cora have come up with a cooler way to send a message than a bird?
Cora has access to any number of magical powers, and yet she chooses a rather lame method like a crow to give Snow her ultimatum? Let’s just say that anyone who’s seen Big Bird on Sesame Street knows that talking birds should never be your first option when dealing with a crisis.

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