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Teen Mom

Adam And Chelsea Get Into A Huge Fight At Aubree’s Party! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 3: “Things Come To An End”

Chelsea Houska is in an intimate relationship, and not just with her closet full of Uggs. Yep, Chel-Chel and her wayward baby daddy, Adam Lind, are back in the sack, and he's constantly slaying her with his sexy man-tanks, festive baseball hats, and ability to ride a four-wheeler shirtless.

In fact, Chelsea and Adam have taken the step from dating to living together, and girlfriend couldn't be more thrilled –– but there's just one thing getting in the way: Papa Randiliscious.

Chelsea's dad is horrified that she and Adam are living in a love shack, and he flips his proverbial weave all over the place. Unfortunately, Papa Randiliscious's reaction makes Adam fly into a bro-y rage, and he decides to lame-out on Aubree's adorable leopard-themed birthday party. Pink animal print, guys. How could Adam resist that siren call?

Poor Chelsea is devastated that Adam doesn't show up to Baby Aubs' party until it's almost over, and to make matters worse they barely exchange one word at the festivities. The silver lining? Adam buys Aubree a sweet new pink bike. Feel free to side-eye at your jumbo size Slurpee.

What do you think of Adam's actions?