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Did Revenge’s Ashley Davenport Sleep With Conrad Grayson?

The time has come, Revengers we’re ready to collect our bets and buy a house on the Hamptons shoreline once linked to an alleged terrorist. Why are we rolling in caviar and riches, you ask? Because our theory that Conrad Grayson and Ashley Davenport were working after hours between the sheets has finally been proven true.

Basically we’ve been convinced that the two were getting it on ever since Connie handed over the keys to Ash’s brand new silver Lexus last season. And after several veiled comments and furtive glances from both parties, our suspicions were finally confirmed in the promo for next week’s episode!

After we flashed back to 2006 in Sunday night’s episode, “Lineage,” ABC aired the promo for next week’s episode, aka the winter finale!

In “Revelations,” we see Conrad and Ashley engaging in a heavy makeout sesh while on top of a Grayson Global desk — all while being filmed. Tsk-tsk.

The bad news — what, you mean it gets worse? is that Victoria finds out. And after being scorned by her former bestie Lydia Davis, Ms. Grayson probably isn’t too pleased with her former assistant. And what about rage-happy Daniel Grayson?

Sure, he probably didn’t care that much about Ashley, but after Ems kissed Jack last season, he’s a little sensitive about cheating. Plus, hello — she cheated with his dad. Gross.

Are you surprised that Ashley and Conrad hooked up? Or have you been expecting this? Tell us below!

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