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The X Factor

Eliminated X Factor Finalist Beatrice Miller: I Would Be Depressed Without My Sisters — Exclusive

X Factor Season 2 finalist Beatrice Miller might be gone from our TV screens, but certainly not from our minds! Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment the night before she was eliminated, the spunky New Jersey teen opens up about her tumultuous home life, her fierce love of her sisters, and her best friend Nate.

How did you feel about your performance [on November 21]?
I felt really good. I know I was shaken up a little bit during my performance, but I think that’s okay because it shows how emotional I was about my performance and the song. Seeing my sisters in the audience was actually kind of rough because it was difficult to get through the song without crying.

The package about your sisters was very interesting, can you talk more about them?
Well, I have been through a lot of tough times at home recently with my parents getting a divorce and still living in the same house. I feel like without my little sisters there, it would be really difficult for me. I’m not sure if I would even get through it, you know? I think I would just be like depressed all of the time if I didn’t have my little sisters. I just appreciate having them in my life. They are so strong. They were in and out of the hospital so many times when they were younger. They came close to death so many times and we’re just so grateful to have them with us.

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Can you talk more about your family deciding to adopt your sisters?
I’m not really sure what made them want to adopt, but I know that when you have two moms you can't really create your own children. I know that sperm donors are kind of difficult and that’s what I had. I think they just felt like it was a nice thing to do because they wanted more children and there are so many children in need all over the world.

Is it helpful to be away from home now that there’s some tension there?
It’s nice to not have to deal with my parents fighting all of the time. And, I know they’re not as miserable being separate now. They’re so far away now, which is kind of good for them, but I really miss home. I miss New Jersey and I miss my friends a lot.

Who do you miss the most at home?
My best friend Nate. He is the most important friend to me because I’ve been through a lot and I can tell him anything. No, there’s not a thing going on between us because everyone always asks me that. I can’t deal with the drama that girls bring in middle school, so most of my friends are guys. He’s my best friend.

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11.27.2012 / 04:00 AM EDT by Gena Oppenheim
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