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Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoiler: Which Controversial Dad Is “Stirring” the Pot?

If you've watched any of Season 6, you’ve already seen a little taste of what we can expect from father figures for the rest of this season. Namely, Rufus (Matthew Settle) has been engaging in some, ahem, extra-curricular activities (yeah, we feel dirty, too) with one Ms. Ivy (Kaylee DeFer). The two were spotted hooking up in Brooklyn by Rufus’s now-scarred for life son, Dan (Penn Badgley) (We’re with you, buddy) in the season premiere, and it's only gotten grosser since then.

Meanwhile, on the UES, Bart Bass has been looking tan and terrifying since renewing his vows with re-wifed (yep, word) Lily (Kelly Rutherford). He wasted no time in going toe-to-toe with Chuck (Ed Westwick), and although the plot lines have been rather convoluted (that's putting it mildly), it doesn't look like it will end well.

So, which of these two did TV Line’s Michael Ausiello say will “resurface” in Season 6, Episode 7: "Save the Last Chance"?

Neither. While both Rufus and Bart continue to make special choices when it comes to their actions, it’s actually Serena’s dad William van der Woodsen! According to Michael, “we’ll quickly learn his tentacles have been stirring one particular pot all season long.”

Is this the pot? We’ve been wondering what she’s been up to... And with that mysterious phone call Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) made at the end of episode 6 "Where the Vile Things Are," we're thinking that maybe the person on the other end of the line may be ready to answer her "come home" request. Thoughts?

Source: TV Line

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