Holly and Blake Julian’s Cozy Thanksgiving Family Photo
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The Bachelorette

Holly and Blake Julian’s Cozy Thanksgiving Family Photo

Holly Durst and Blake Julian continue to slay us with their cuteness. This week, Blolly are taking their love connection to a whole new level of sweet with a Thanksgiving photo shoot, which features a small miniature poodle.

From the looks of Holly's quaint apron, she and said poodle spent Thanksgiving cooking up a storm for Blake –– not to mention decorating the house! Yes, that's a giant bucket of Christmas swag you spy in the background of this photo. Holly takes the holiday seriously!

In case you're out of the Blolly loop, this happy couple met on set of Bachelor Pad 2, when Holly left her fiance, Michael Stagliano, for Blake and his bad self.

Also, is anyone else terrified by this poodle? He is judging us.

Source: @HollyJulian

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