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The Bachelorette

Jef Holm’s History of Lying About His Love Life: Fact vs. Fiction

Not unlike an adorable high school boyfriend who denied all those rumors you heard about him — Jef Holm has a cherubic face that our hearts want to believe, even when our brains know better.

Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively broke the news about Jef’s latest love, Katianna Bear, and no sooner did the virtual ink dry, then Jef was busily tweeting that he’s single. And even though we really, really want Jef to be single, it’s just too hard to believe the guy when it comes to matters of his love life. He’s got a bad habit of side-stepping the truth, and so forgive us if we’re not rushing to believe his latest round of denials.

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Seriously — we’ve been burned by Jef before.

1) We watched Jef and Emily Maynard’s romance blossom on The Bachelorette, only to have the first round of Jemily cheating rumors hit in late July, just weeks after their May engagement announcement. Jef went on record that he was “shocked,” calling the whole Matt Leinart sexting story “100% false” — even though it was Jef’s own brother who spilled the beans about Jef and Emily’s pre-marital woes.

Gradually, as more and more evidence piled up suggesting something was rotten in Charlotte, the more we heard Jef’s denials, lovey-dovey twitpics, and schmoopy photo ops. And, it must be said, the guy is very convincing.

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2) Then in August, Jef’s ex-girlfriend Kaylee Shepard surfaced saying that she and Jef were still together when he left to film The Bachelorette, and they even met up in a hotel room after he returned. Jef’s incriminating texts were published, Kaylee’s emails shared on the internet — and man-oh-man, it did not look good for Jef. But still he remained steadfast: tweeting his love for Emily and their life of domestic bliss. Did you see Ricki cutting Jef’s hair? Jef lounging with Emily’s cats? Despite all the mounting evidence. Jef’s adorableness had us a-wishing and a-hoping.

3) And then, in mid-October, after weeks of Jef and Emily insisting that they were as in love as ever, they announced their split. So forgive us Jef, if we have a hard time believing your latest blast of denials about your relationship status with 23-year-old Katianna Bear.

What’s that they say about fool us once?

11.27.2012 / 09:14 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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