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Lea Michele: Boyfriend Cory Monteith Is The “Sweetest Guy”

Okay, Lea Michele (Rachel) and Cory Monteith (Finn). You two really need to just stop being so darn adorable. We mean it. This is verging into the territory of cuteness overload.

Earlier this month, Cory admitted that he’s “kind of always” had feelings for his co-star/girlfriend. Now, Lea is using her new interview with Flare Magazine to gush about how much she loves her BF.

Lea, who spent Thanksgiving weekend on a romantic winter vacation with Cory in his Canadian hometown, tells Flare that she’s developed quite a fondness for our neighbors to the north.

“Canada makes some great dudes, and he’s definitely one of them,” she tells Flare. “Just the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. And it’s really great that I’ve gotten to go to Victoria and Vancouver a lot — it’s so beautiful.”

Okay, but going back to that first paragraph, we actually don’t mean it at all. Cory and Lea, you two can feel free to be as adorably sweet and in love as you’d like. We sort of can’t get enough of it.

Source: Flare Magazine

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