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Teen Mom

Leah and Corey Finalize Their Divorce! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 3: “Things Come to an End”

Leah Messer and Corey Simms used to be the cutest camo-loving teen parents in MTV Land, but oh, how times have changed. This not-so happy couple's divorce is almost finale, and despite the fact that they're clearly still in love, both Leah and Corey are ready to move on. Then again, they seriously can't stop flirting with each other, even though Leah is genuinely devastated when Corey buys himself a new truck.

In case you've blocked it out, Leah and Corey's marital problems stemmed from Corey insisting that they buy a truck instead of a new house. In fact, the argument caused Leah to move into her own trailer! Can you believe Corey would flash his new wheels in her face knowing how much angst they caused? Plus, his truck didn't even have flame decals. Amature hour.

Despite Leah's conflicted feelings for Corey (and they fact that they clearly have the hots for each other), these ex-besties decide to get along for the sake of their twins, and head to court to get their divorce finalized. Poor Leah tearfully wishes her man the best, we tearfully hug our televisions, and Corey tearfully fondles his camo baseball hat. Basically, everyone is crying and this is the most emotional moment in Teen Mom 2 history.

It would take, like, five tubs of cheese puffs to comfort us right now.

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