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The X Factor

Lyric 145 Shares Their Original X Factor 2012 “Diva Week” Track

Lyric 145 went home way too early on The X Factor (fact), after their lackluster performance on “Diva Week” failed to earn them enough support to stay. But before they sang the Queen-Katy Perry mashup of doom, they told us they were stoked about singing an original song.

Unfortunately for the hip-hop trio, their mentor Simon Cowell scratched that idea less than 24 hours before the show. Turns out, despite their most energetic efforts and original take on the two songs (“We Will Rock You” and “E.T.”), ‘Merica said no and they were on their way home.

In a press call the next day, they refused to dish on the song they intended to perform, but it seems they’ve changed their tune. The group recently tweeted “We Love Our NOBLEZ So Much U Deserve To Hear The Song We Were Originally SUPPOSE 2do for "Diva Week" So HERE IT IS!!”

So, here it is. What do you think — does the song have enough swagger that it would have kept them in the game? Or is it that parents just don’t understand they were doomed to go home anyway?

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11.27.2012 / 01:53 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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