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The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln Listen to This Song Before Shooting Violent Scenes on The Walking Dead Season 3

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) have one of the greatest unsung bromances on television. Daryl is stepping up on The Walking Dead Season 3, taking on the role of Rick's second-in-command, without all of Shane's alpha male psychotic tendencies.

On Season 3, Episode 7, Rick thanked Daryl for taking care of Rick's (or Shane's, we don't know) daughter, whom Daryl had thoughtfully named Little Ass-Kicker. A preview for next Sunday's midseason finale shows Rick telling Daryl he needs him, presumably as a way to stop Daryl from running off to find his brother, Merle. The boys are gearing up for the big fight with the Woodbury group, which we'll see start to play out on Episode 8. Norman talked to Entertainment Weekly about the songs on his iPod, and it sounds like one — The Black Angels' "The First Vietnamese War" — was helpful for the lads to get into character this season.

Credit: ‏@wwwbigbaldhead    

“I can’t remember how I first got introduced to [The Black Angels], but when we first started this new season, I played that for our entire cast,” Norman said. “I kept putting it on my iPod and passing it over to Andy [Lincoln] before shooting really violent, desperate scenes, and I was like, ‘This song should be on the soundtrack to our show.’ It’s so heartfelt, and it sort of described what we were shooting at the time: Getting into that prison and what people had to go through. It really felt like us.”

Norman also said Motorhead's “Ace of Spades” should be Daryl's theme song, along with "In the Year of the Wolf." "That’s such a Daryl song," Norman said. "There’s a lot of fan videos of Daryl, and sometimes I’ll hear a song from one of them and think, ‘Yeah, they got that right.’”

Yes, Daryl’s fans are legion — and they have promised to riot if Daryl is ever killed off the AMC show. But what about Rick? Are you more of a Rick/Andy fan or a Daryl/Norman fan? Vote in the extremely important poll!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Hottest bromance ever

I love Norman's taste in music!

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