Credit: Steven R. McQueen on Twitter    
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The Vampire Diaries

Steven R. McQueen and His Girlfriend Go Shark Fishing — Vampire Diaries OMG Pic of the Day

We’ve seen Steven R. McQueen without his shirt on, so we know he’s got the muscles to tackle many a dangerous creature. But a shark? Apparently, he’s not scared of that either!

Over the weekend, the Vampire Diaries star celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with none other than a shark fishing trip with his girlfriend. “Caught and release[d] a beautiful tiger shark. Fighting fears!” Steven tweeted.

While most of us would be terrified to even touch a shark, let alone a live one, Steven couldn’t resist grabbing it by the nose as he posed for a photo.

If you ask us, this isn’t exactly the most romantic outing for he and his girlfriend Hillary, but judging by this photo she doesn’t seem to mind!

You know what they say: the couple that hunts sharks together stays together! (Or something like that...)

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