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Jersey Shore

The Secrets Behind Pauly D’s Ripped Body – Is His Workout Routine Too Intense?

It’s no secret that Pauly D has a hot body. After all, he’s one of the original practitioners of the GTL way of life. It’s rare for an episode of Jersey Shore to go by without at least one scene of Pauly at the gym.

But what exactly does he do there, and just how obsessed with working out is he?

In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Pauly reveals his intense fitness regimen, including the “Guido workout” and how he compensates for all the partying by working out harder.

First of all, when it comes to the gym, Pauly is not kidding around. “I’m in the gym four to five times a week,” he says. “I actually have a gym in my house now. I love it, because you can work out any hour you want.” As for keeping his routine “fresh,” Pauly says the secret is devoting entire days to one body part or muscle group. “ I like to do two body parts a day and then throw a little cardio into the mix … Let’s say this Monday I’m doing chest and bi’s, I’ll use machines, but then next Monday I’ll use free weights.”

Phew! So is there anything he neglects?

“We don’t do legs enough,” Pauly admits. “That’s a problem. If we need to skip something, we’ll skip legs. So we joke around; before we go to the beach we do chest and bi’s only. We call it the Guido workout.”

As for all the partying, Pauly says the only thing you need to remember is to stay consistent. Go to the gym on a regular basis, even if you’re terribly hungover, because “When you start missing the gym, that’s when you start slacking off and that’s when you start to look a little sloppy.”

And no one likes a sloppy gorilla on the beach, right? Right!

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Source: Men’s Fitness

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11.27.2012 / 11:31 PM EDT by Molly Friedman
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