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Who Did Revenge’s Victoria Grayson Shoot When She Was 15 Years Old?

Last night’s episode of Revenge was filled with shocking twists, but Victoria Grayson’s murderous reveal was the biggest surprise.

During a tense Thanksgiving dinner with her conniving mother, Marion Harper, Victoria revealed that she was forced to shoot a man and take the blame for his death when she was only 15 years old — a far cry from what Taylor Swift sings about.

Back in the day, Marion was jealous of all the attention her boyfriends gave young Victoria. The pedophiles she dated were more interested in her daughter than her own affections, and when one man, Thomas, tried to leave her, Marion shot him in the back! To cover it up, she made Victoria take the gun and shoot him in the chest, knowing that the court wouldn’t prosecute a young girl acting in self-defense.

But Victoria’s problems didn’t stop there. When Marion married Maxwell later that year, he made a pass at Vicki, causing her mom to kick her to the curb! We didn’t understand why the Hamptons Queen was so dark until now — she was forced to do unspeakable things at a young age, and then had to grow up on her own in the streets afterward.

Were you shocked at Victoria’s dark past? Tell us below.

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11.27.2012 / 04:30 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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