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Who Died in Revenge Season 2, Episode 8: “Lineage”?

It wouldn’t be Revenge without the occasional dead body, and now that the White-Haired Man is worm food, it’s about time we saw another murder on our favorite drama.

And last night’s flashback episode didn’t disappoint. When we traveled back to 2006, we saw not one, not two, but three murders!

The first happened in Victoria Grayson’s flashback within a flashback. It seems that the maniacal matriarch had a domineering mother of her own back in the day. And when Marion Harper came calling for Thanksgiving, it gave Vicki a not-so-pleasant reminder of her last Thanksgiving with Mommy not-so-dearest.

Many years ago, Marion was busy seducing rich pedophiles and wasn’t too pleased when one took a liking to her young, pretty daughter. This man, named Thomas, made some creepy passes to Vicki at the dinner table, and when he tried to leave Marion, she fired a warning shot (into his head ... he had it coming?).

Marion quickly called Victoria into the room and forced her to take another shot at Thomas in order to be framed for his murder. Sigh, mother daughter bonding ain’t what it used to be!

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

The next death happened on the streets of New York when Aiden Mathis was introduced to his sister’s kidnapper. Dmitri, the shady trafficker of underage women, pretty much got what he deserved after insulting young Colleen Mathis’s honor in front of Aiden.

Though Ems tried to get Aiden to put down the gun, he couldn’t let his sister’s attacker live and took him out, just like he recently did to Gordon Murphy (aka the White-Haired Man).

And the final murder of the night was the most shocking. As Carl Porter, Sr. attempted to pay off the super evil Mr. Ryan, Sr. — who enjoys drinking super expensive liquor and threatening innocent children — Carl’s bestie Matt Duncan popped a cap in the blackmailer’s balding head.

“Gutter rat put my little girl in the emergency room,” Matt told Carl after Mr. Ryan’s body fell into the ocean.

Apparently Kenny and Nate’s old man had arranged a hit and run outside of Matt’s house, and naturally, the store owner wasn’t particularly pleased. So to put an end to the Ryan Reign, Matt took Carl’s gun and shot the Montauk Menace.

The shot woke up Jack Porter, but Carl quickly hopped into The Amanda and pretended like the boat had backfired. But apparently his quick thinking didn’t fool Kenny and Nate, because these two clearly have a plan to clean out the Porters and the rest of the shoreside merchants who did their father wrong.

Watch out, boys — we have a bad feeling about this one!

Which Revenge death shocked you the most last night? Weigh in below!

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11.27.2012 / 04:14 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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