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Who Is Jo Rivera’s New Girlfriend, Vee Torres?

When Teen Mom 2 premiered on Nov. 12, a new plotline caused Kailyn Lowry to erupt into tears. At the center of it was Jo Rivera’s mysterious new girlfriend, Vee Torres.

But who is this new girl? She’s a 21-year-old aspiring model with a long name: Vetzabe Jocette Torres. And the beginning of her relationship with Jo was nothing short of sexual.

Vetzabe (aka “Vee”) co-starred in Jo’s sexy video for his first rap single, “Unthinkable,” in which they got very intimate in bed together (pictured below). According to Starcasm, the pair began officially dating a few months later on June 23, 2011, and have since broadcasted their relationship online with affectionate, flirtatious tweets and many photos together.

This girl isn’t just a sweet, loving girlfriend, though — she’s a strong-willed, sassy gal! On Twitter, her name is “Queen Vee,” and her bio says, “You might hear me but you don't listen, competition? Come & GET some. IG: Vwowwxohh.” And her Facebook modeling page is even sassier, claiming, “I am a model. I Kill Shoots, Rip the Runway & Kill COMPETITION! If you're a strong female, you dont need permission ;) WATCH THE QUEEN CONQUER!”

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Whoa. We definitely don’t want to cross her! As we saw in the sneak peek video from Teen Mom 2's Season 3 premiere, Kail does not take kindly to Vee’s interactions with her son, Isaac. Even though Jo claims that they don’t see each other that often — likely because Vee is busy with her modeling for School of Life Clothing Company — we know that things eventually do get serious between the two.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Kailyn in New York City a few weeks ago, Kail said that she doesn’t want to be with Jo, but she doesn’t want Vee to be with him, either — or be around Isaac! And for the record, Kail hasn’t ever come face-to-face with Vee, telling us, “I don’t want to meet her.”

However, Jo did bring Vee to the Teen Mom 2 reunion in NYC, so their paths may have finally crossed! We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of Vee so far? Do you agree with Kailyn’s opinion or are you going to give her a shot? Weigh in below.

Sources: Starcasm, Twitter, Facebook

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