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Will Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Last? Addiction Specialist Weighs In! — Exclusive

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we watched Jenelle Evans fail yet another court-ordered drug test, landing herself behind bars for the umpteenth time. Her struggles with marijuana seem to go hand-in-hand with her penchant for hard-partying bad boys, i.e. the infamous Kieffer Delp.

But that was over a year ago, and a lot has changed for the troubled starlet. Not only has Jenelle managed to overcome her addiction to weed (she told Wetpaint Entertainment she's been sober for about eight months), but she also kicked Kieffer to the curb. Talk about a 180!

Despite her progress, many fans are concerned that Jenelle will revert to her old ways. She's currently engaged to a man named Courtland Rogers, who also has a history of drug-related charges. In 2004, he was slapped with a felony for possession, and in 2008 was arrested again for violating probation.

As Jenelle and Courtland move ahead with their plans to say "I do," we can't help but wonder if they'll be able to overcome the myriad of challenges facing them — including fighting for custody of Jenelle's 3-year-old son Jace. When we spoke to Dr. Sam Von Reiche, a psychologist and certified personal coach who specializes in relationship issues and addiction, she gave us the hard truth about the couple's uphill battle.

"My advice would be against them moving so quickly in the relationship," Dr. Von Reiche cautioned right off the bat. "At the very least, Jenelle should be not be in a new serious relationship for at least a year. And being involved with someone who's in early recovery as well — if, in fact, Courtland is truly abstinent — that's an additional risk factor."

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Since we don't see Jenelle calling off the engagement any time soon, we asked Dr. Von Reiche what advice she'd give the young couple as they plan for the future.

"They should be working with a couple's counselor or coach to help them stay on track, and that should be for about several months a year, if not longer," she said. "Also, I'm not sure if Jenelle is involved in 12-step recovery, but it's a very powerful support network."

Additionally, Dr. Von Reiche urges Jenelle and Courtland to take some time away from the spotlight, if at all possible. "Limiting media exposure is something smart Hollywood couples tend to do. They create a boundary for themselves," she explains. "Not drop off the planet, of course, but create a private space that belongs to them and their relationship."

It won't always be easy, but Dr. Von Reiche believes Jenelle and Courtland can overcome the odds if they take advantage of all the available help and resources. "I'm a huge optimist and I do believe, in general, if there's a will there's a way," she confessed. "And especially for the sake of the children, it is possible."

Will Jenelle and Courtland heed Dr. Von Reiche's advice? Will their relationship last? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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