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The Voice

Carson Daly Talks The Voice’s Top 6: “I’m Proud That We Have Someone Like Nicholas David”

Few people spend more time with The Voice contestants than host Carson Daly. He’s there to introduce their performances and hold their hands through the painful elimination process.

So after we said goodbye to two fan favorites last night Dez Duron and Cody Belew Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Carson on the red carpet to get his take on the departures and the contestants’ futures.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Now that Christina [Aguilera] doesn’t have any contestants left, do you think the show is fair?

Carson Daly: Well we sort of did it this way on purpose. We feel like The Voice has become young America’s new show their favorite show and they were here from the beginning watching the show grow. We’re big in social media. We were just like, “You know, at some point we’re going to produce the best Top 10 out there. We know that.” We feel confident with our talent level, so we thought at this point, if the coaches end up not having a pony at the end of the race so be it. It’s not about coaches anymore. It’s about the pursuit of these people’s dreams of making it in music, and America has a huge say in that.

You’ve had several different format changes in the show this year. How do you feel that they’ve all worked out?

Great. And we’re really reluctant to change the DNA of a show that’s working because it took us so long to get a front-running hit on NBC. The blinds are perfect; America loves them — you turn the chair, it’s like a game show, and it works but the talent level’s through the roof. The battle rounds needed a little help, and I think the tweak of reinvigorating the usage of the chair was a good idea. Introducing the steals was great. It’s like Fantasy Football. Our coaches all of a sudden were just engaged “Oh. Who do you have?” — and thank god we did that. Amanda Brown wouldn’t be on this show in Season 3 if we didn’t have the steal. That was the best change so far.

What’s a key quality that you think that America is voting for on the show?

A good-looking host. [Laughs] Oh, apart from that? I don’t know. Hard to say. I think somebody that America feels like they can relate to a little bit when they watch them. I think that’s why Nicholas David has struck a nice chord with people. You just silently root for him. You look at pop stars today and [they’re] not Nicholas David. So I think relatability is important. Obviously great songs and talent [matter] at the end of the day.

Is Christina really emotional right now because she doesn’t have anybody on the team?

No. She’s great. As she mentioned on the show, she’s proud that she’s had Dez go this far, and she’ll be supporting the Top 6 next week.

How do you feel about the Top 6? Do you feel like this is the best representation of The Voice from this season?

Proud. Super proud! Every year I feel like it’s been better. I’m proud that we have someone like Nicholas David where we talk about Bill Withers and he sings Marvin Gaye with that passion and spirituality, his family … he’s recovering from alcohol addiction all of that, the heaviness of that story. And then Melanie Martinez on the other side of that pendulum, being 17 and the youngest in the competition and trying to find her voice. She’s going through a breakup right now. She’s an incredible artist and then everything in between. I love the Top 6 and what they stand for. It’s a good representation of what we strive for on The Voice.

Do you like the format changes to The Voice this season? Sound off below!

11.28.2012 / 10:25 PM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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