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Cee Lo Green Talks This Season’s Talent: “I Don’t Know If I Had Tried Out With [The Voice] If I Would Have Won”

In addition to some painful losses The Voices live results show last night, audiences were treated to a quirky, yet soulful performance by Cee Lo Green and Kermit the Frog.

If you were able to get past Cee Lo’s mirror-covered, lime green getup, you heard his rich vocals and smooth sounds.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with The Voice coach on the red carpet following the show, and he was quick to talk about his remaining contestants and how he might have fared on the show.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you feel about your team at this point in the competition?

Cee Lo Green: We’re still very strong. I still have Saint Nick [Nicolas David] and I’ve still got Trevin [Hunte]. I mean, come on. It’s just disappointing though because Cody [Belew] was becoming such a tastemaker to me. He brought an awful lot of character and charm, and a lot of charisma and color to this show. He brought a lot of quality to this show. It needs diversity.

I’m not even the best singer. I don’t even know if I had tried out with this show if I would have won, but if there was some coach like myself, they probably would have liked me. Again, it’s not about competition for any of us — it’s all about co-existence, and I think that’s what this show represents.We only compete in terms of quality. Everybody is quality here, including Cody, so therefore, I think he still deserves to be a success on a larger stage, and I want to help him with that. I am helping a few of my people with that as we speak — you will see! You will see the fruit of my labor.

How proud are you of Nicholas David?

I’m very proud of Nick. Nick deserves to be here; he’s one of my favorite singers of all time. It seems like I’ve been hearing his voice swirling around in my head my entire life. He’s precious to me. I’m going to protect him.

What kind of songs will you choose for your team next?

It’s such a large universe of options and alternative songs to pick. If Nick was a soul singer, you could try something pop, punk, reggae, jazz — I could do anything. The only logistics are if that particular artist will allow usage of that song. It could be the perfect song for then, and then the artist may not want their music exploited in any sort of way. That’s kind of what the politics are, and sometimes we have to settle for second best.

Do you think one of Cee Lo’s contestants will win the show? Weigh in below!

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11.28.2012 / 11:58 PM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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