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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska Reveals What Really Happened Between Randy and Adam Offscreen

Chelsea Houska's life has even more highlights and lowlights than our weave!

Last week on Teen Mom 2, we saw Chel-Chel's shirtless baby daddy, Adam, give her a promise ring, and next thing we knew dude was all grumpy at Aubree's birthday party. Chelsea mentioned something about her dad, Papa Randilicious, getting into a huge fight with Adam, but tragically MTV's cameras weren't there to capture the bro-off. So, what happened?

"My dad came to my house, we went to dinner and stuff and then we got back, and Adam was in my room sleeping," Chelsea tells Suchin Pak during MTV's after show. "And my dad came in yelled at Adam, told him to get all his stuff out, and he like sat there until he [Adam] was gone … It was crazy."

Some fans have run to Randy's defense, claiming that he pays Chelsea's rent and should get to decide who lives in the house, but Chelsea was paying her own bills during this time — which means her dad had no business being so bossy! Then again, Adam and Chelsea's relationship is pretty toxic. Maybe Randy was doing his daughter a favor!

Do you agree with Randy's behavior, or was he completely out of line? Hit the comments!

Source: MTV

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