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Homeland Season 2 Spoiler: Will Brody Die?

Even before the September premiere of Homeland’s hotly anticipated second season, sergeant-turned-terrorist-turned-congressman Nicholas Brody’s potential death was a topic of speculation.

During the TCAs on July 30, Showtime’s president of entertainment, David Nevins, was asked whether the series would dare to kill off one of its leads, in this case Emmy-winning actor Damian Lewis’s compellingly conflicted character. “Anybody can go at any time,” he teased (via TV Guide), while deftly deflecting the question. “Absolutely, it's always a possibility.”

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The November 25 episode, “Two Hats,” proved just how tenuous Brody’s existence really is. At the very end, we learn that handsome Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) isn’t just any run-of-the-mill CIA analyst. He’s actually in Estes’s (David Harewood) pocket, ready to pull the literal trigger on Brody’s life once Brody has led them to the ultimate catch: Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban). When it comes down to it, Estes doesn’t trust Brody (which is totally reasonable); no matter where Brody’s loyalties lie, he’s been reduced to a pawn in the Agency’s terrorist games.

In the final scene, just as Peter — posing as a chauffeur — prepares to assassinate Brody, he gets word that Abu Nazir has once again eluded capture. Naturally, Brody is surprised to see Peter as his driver, but Mr. “Two Hats” Quinn is quick to recover, ominously quipping, “Believe it or not, I’m your best friend in the world right now.”

Now that we’ve seen Brody come thisclose to getting offed, will the real thing go down in one of the upcoming final three episodes of the season? Homeland is known — and applauded — for turning scripted TV on its head, so it certainly wouldn’t be beyond the showrunners to write Brody out of his increasingly tortured existence. However, the loss of Brody would change the dynamic of the show in such a momentous way that it’s difficult to picture where it would go from there. How would Carrie (Claire Danes) react, not to mention Brody’s family? Who would take Brody’s place as the oppositional focal point to Claire’s Carrie?

We’ll soon find out if Brody’s days are numbered, and no matter his ultimate fate, we’re confident Homeland will handle the outcome brilliantly.

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11.28.2012 / 06:11 AM EDT by Laura Case
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