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Is Glee Actress Melissa Benoist Like Her Character, Marley?

For some Glee characters — the ever-perky Rachel (Lea Michele), for example, springs immediately to mind — we’re pretty much convinced that the writers craft their characters after simply observing the actor that plays them for a day.

Yet for others — like the curly-haired Darren Criss (who likes girls) playing the hair gel-oholic Blaine (who likes boys) — the actor and character couldn’t seem more different.

So what about Glee newcomer Melissa Benoist (Marley). Is she, like Lea Michele, more or less a real-life version of the character she plays? Or are there some Darren Criss-level (read: major) differences between the two?

As it turns out, there’s actually a little of both. Melissa recently spoke with Teen Vogue about how much she relates to her new Glee character, and while the two certainly have some similarities, there are a few differences, as well.

"I was such a wallflower in high school,” Melissa tells the mag. “I ate lunch by myself, and I was always okay with it. But I was definitely made fun of and I always felt like an outsider. And Marley experiences that.”

Another similarity comes in their upbringings. “I also come from a single-parent family. I'm very close with my mom and can completely relate to that,” she says.

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One way she doesn’t relate to Marley, though, is when it comes to fashion. Melissa says her personal style isn’t like Marley’s, though she has come to like the character’s particular brand of fashion choices.

"I never used to wear hats. I never ever thought that I could pull them off, so in daily life, I don't really wear them, but I love Marley's wardrobe. Sometimes it's really apparent that she's picking through bins at the Goodwill."

Note to self: Don’t send Melissa Benoist a newsboy cap for Christmas. She probably won’t wear it. Back to the drawing board...

Source: Teen Vogue

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11.28.2012 / 05:23 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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