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OMG Moments From Bones Season 8, Episode 8: “The But in the Joke”

This week's episode of Bones was all about art and unicorns oh, and cheating. Yes, one of our favorite characters got her mack on with an imposter, and we are devastated. Check out our roundup of OMG moments, and try not to sob into your Hodglandia shrine!

We have so many feelings, we hardly know where to start. First of all, Angela (Michaela Conlin) cheated on Hodgins (TJ Thyne) with some creepy albino man, and Hodgins totally forgave her because she had such a good excuse. The excuse being "he's a great artist." Second of all, Angela cheated with said albino man while he was affixed to human remains. So, as she was kissing his lips, there was a bashed in rotting skull attached to his head. Feel free to feel weird.

2. Booth Attempts to Be Funny

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Oh, Booth (David Boreanaz), you ball of laughs, you. This FBI hunk isn't exactly known for his funny bone, but this week he hit up an open-mic night and boyfriend brought the LOLs. And we use the term "LOLs" lightly. Mostly because no one laughed at any of his jokes, and he totally and completely bombed. In fact, the only thing more awkward than Booth's brief flirtation with comedy is Angela's creepy unicorn drawing. Actually scratch that. Her unicorn drawing was amazing.

3. Fisher Is An Underground Comic

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Intern Fisher (Joel David Moore) is a man of many talents, and apparently he moonlights as an underground comic who is completely unfunny. Fisher spent most of this episode giggling in glee at human remains and pictures of bashed in skulls, which has us all kinds of concerned. We've already had one squintern turn into a deranged cannibal and get locked up in an institution. We just can't handle another one of these dudes morphing into a murderer.

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11.28.2012 / 12:14 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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