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Jersey Shore

Pauly D’s OCD Habits Are Spiraling Out of Control: Someone Get Vinny to the Rescue!

As any longtime Jersey Shore fan knows, Pauly D may be hilarious and hot, but he has certain habits that suggest he might have a mild case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Take his perfect hair, for example. Or his deliberately complicated and intense workout routine.

We wouldn’t worry, but then we saw a tweet that could be problematic. On November 27, Pauly tweeted, “Ok So My OCD Has Gotten Worse !!! I'm Now Ironing My Duvet Cover !! WTF ???”

Where is BFF Vinny and his anxiety book when you need it? Sounds like Pauly is having some trouble Controlling the Crazy, something we saw Deena Nicole suffer through on Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 8: “Control the Crazy.”

Is Vinny still upset that Pauly D made fun of his bloody toe? Otherwise, we think Vin should hop a plane to Vegas ASAP before Pauly learns to do any more housework, or figures out how to clean behind the refrigerator. Save him from himself, Vin!

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