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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville: You’ll See Why I Have Such Hostility Towards Adrienne Maloof

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville says that she enjoyed getting to know the real Kim Richards during this week’s episode but she just wishes Adrienne Maloof would have stayed out of it.

“We dove into a conversation that got emotional, but not in a bad way,” Brandi writes in her Bravo blog about reaching out to Kim in Ojai. “Then, of course, Adrienne, sitting a few seats away, had to make sure the whole table knew that Kim was crying and that it was my fault!”

“We were having a good conversation and she ruined it,” Brandi continues about Adrienne. “I don't deal well with entitled people so I let her know that she needed to STFU...”

Brandi says that we’ll see in later episodes why she has so much hostility toward Adrienne. “I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to this woman, and you will see why down the road,” Brandi explains. “I have a hard time masking my real emotions.”

Brandi also feels that the other ladies overreacted about the fact that she dropped the f-bomb. “Listen, everyone at this table says the ‘f word’ (maybe not as often as I do), but all of a sudden everyone is acting like I committed a crime! So over it!” she writes.

However, the dinner did allow Brandi to connect with Kyle when Kyle Richards defended Brandi about her divorce situation. Hearing Kyle’s compliments “makes me see a good side of her,” says Brandi. “It was the ‘girls' girl’ side of her that I am finally seeing that I have heard so much about.”

As for Lisa Vanderpump’s meeting with Adrienne, Brandi thinks Lisa handled the situation correctly. “Of course, Adrienne thinks she is still owed an apology, which is just ridiculous,” Brandi says.

Source: Bravo

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