Revenge Season 2: E.J. Bonilla Talks Marco’s Plans and Kissing Nolan Ross— Exclusive
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Revenge Season 2: E.J. Bonilla Talks Marco’s Plans and Kissing Nolan Ross— Exclusive

Who doesn’t want a piece of Nolan Ross? The man is a billionaire, and though slightly nerdy, the Nolster is one of Revenge’s sexiest characters.

In the Sunday, November 25 episode, "Lineage," a new character got the chance to lock lips with the tech genius. The kicker? This newbie was close to Nolan before his billions started rolling in.

Nolcorp’s former CFO, Marco Romero, helped Nolan build the company from the ground up, but when Nolan tried to tell him the truth about Nolcorp’s connection to David Clarke, the CEO lost his boyfriend and CFO all in one fell swoop.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with actor E.J. Bonilla following his Sunday-night debut to talk about Marco’s future, his past, and what it’s like to kiss Nolan Ross.

Wetpaint Entertainment: In Sunday's episode, we saw Daniel Grayson call Marco in the present. Will Marco be around for a while?

E.J. Bonilla: I think he will. I think they made a point of showing him in the present day for a reason.

Nolan told you all about David and Amanda. Do you think this is a big mistake on his part? You seemed like a pretty sincere guy.

Marco legitimately had feelings for Nolan. When I was filming that part, I was trying to justify why he wouldn’t stick around longer and discuss, and try harder to understand what was going on. And then I realized that to the rest of this world in Revenge, David Clarke is like saying “Osama Bin Laden.” It says in the episode, “You chose a convicted terrorist over me.”

In modern day, it’s like saying, “So you helped fund Osama Bin Laden’s acts,” and I believed that that’s true. If that was the case, you would automatically be like, “No, that’s crazy. You’re creepy and you’re not at all the person I thought you to be.” It’s sad because, in my mind, Marco helped build Nolcorp. I think that he was with it before he was even able to get paid. He was with Nolan before Nolan was “Nolan Ross,” the name.

Now that Nolan is in a relationship with Padma, do you think Marco will present a problem?

Anytime someone from your past comes back into your life while you’re in a new relationship, it causes a bit of a problem for your relationship. Or it causes questions to be asked.

What was your audition process like for Revenge?

When I first got the character, I was really excited because it was different than the stuff that people are used to seeing me play. It’s exciting because I think ABC’s really good at crossing borders when it comes to the ethnicity that a character was written to be and opening that up to different people. The character was written originally as a 30-year-old black man. I think it’s fascinating that they still chose me. It’s cool.

Revenge Season 2: E.J. Bonilla Talks Marco’s Plans and Kissing Nolan Ross— Exclusive
Credit: STILL    

What's the secret behind your chemistry with Gabriel Mann?

It’s always awkward when you have to kiss someone the first day you’re shooting. But the ice was broken between Gabriel and I right off the bat because he studied with a teacher of mine in New York City years ago. When you’re an actor and you’re in class, you’re safe. You feel completely comfortable because you trust the people around you. And finding out that he was [a student of the same teacher] made me completely comfortable. And funny enough, Dilshad [Vadsaria] also [studied with the same teacher].

What do you think makes Marco stand out among all of the new faces this season?

He’s brown.

Is that the only thing?

That’s it, he’s just really brown. [Laughs] No, I wanted to play him as much as I could without having an agenda. So in the world of Revenge where everyone’s out for themselves or trying to get revenge on someone, I wanted to just not.

But with that call from Daniel, it seems Marco was ready to join that world.

It does. And I think, in his own way, he does join that world, but he tries to fight it, if that makes any sense. I think he gets what is rightfully owed to him, and you’ll see what I mean in the next week. But, at the same time, he tries to be genuine and if he does anything that is mean, he is legitimately sorry. And also he was part of Nolcorp before Nolcorp went public. Before everyone got rich off of it. When everyone was staying up late working, not making any money. And imagine how well you’d get to know someone in the in-between hours when everyone else is gone and it’s just you and him working and talking. In my mind, they were best friends before they were lovers.

How does Marco compare to Nolan’s previous (and current) love interests?

Well, I’m sure they’re all great kissers, but I know I’m the best.

Any other details you can share with us about the next episode, "Revelations"?

It’s about that relationship.You’re going to see more of it. Any good scene has conflict in it and Revenge has plenty of conflict. I think everyone’s going to enjoy it. I can’t wait to delve further into their relationship. I think there’s a lot there that we haven’t talked about yet, that I would love to.

Do you like Marco and Nolan together? Weigh in below!

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