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Revenge Season 2 Winter Finale: Who Does The Bloody Hand in the “Revelations” Promo Belong To?

Have you checked out the epic promo for Revenge's winter finale? Because we need to talk about the disembodied hand lurking on the dock. Our first theory? That the Thing had crawled out of The Addams Family and into Montauk. But clearly we are in denial. One of our revengey homies appears to be grasping for life in a puddle of blood, and we've rounded up the Top 3 contenders!

1. Declan Porter
We know, tears. Tears all over our face. But there's no denying that Declan is a pretty likely candidate for this disembodied hand, mostly because Charlotte runs to Jack screaming "he's out there covered in blood" during the promo. Of course, said hand is wearing a wedding band, but we all know how Declan likes his man jewelry. We totally wouldn't put it past Decs to buy himself and Charlotte matching promise rings from Claire’s.

2. Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan is Carl Porter Sr.'s seaman pal who pumped Kenny's dad full of bullets in the flashback to 2006. This murder-happy entrepreneur will make an appearance next week, and sneak peek pictures show him at Baby Carl's baptism! But the real kicker? Matt's wearing a silver wedding ring. Will Kenny find out that Matt killed his dad and go on a deranged killing spree in revenge?

3. Conrad Grayson
Charlotte's reaction to the body on the dock makes us think she was close to the person in question, which puts Conrad at the top of the list. We can't even count the number of people who want Connie dead, and let's not forget that he's currently sporting a wedding ring thanks to his recent nuptials. Plus, he’s been sleeping around with Ashley Davenport so Victoria and Danny can’t be too pleased. Sigh, we know Conrad's evil and all, but our love for him is pure. If this gent dies, we'll be on the floor weeping into a bucket of oyster pearls.

Who do you think the bloody hand belongs to? Hit the comments!

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11.28.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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