Sheree Whitfield Clears Up Chateau Sheree Rumors and Calls NeNe Leakes Delusional
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield Clears Up Chateau Sheree Rumors and Calls NeNe Leakes Delusional

Sheree Whitfield may be off The Real Housewives of Atlanta now but with the internet always abuzz with rumors about the state of Chateau Sheree, she felt it necessary to clarify a few things in a Bravo blog post from last season.

Sheree writes, “To clear things up, Andrew is not my builder. He is someone that did some work for me in my clothing boutique years ago. We ran into each other when I began this project. I hired him to oversee the day to day progress when I am out of reach.”

We guess she doesn’t have to worry about him being a fraud then. Phew!

Sheree and NeNe Leakes struggled to get along last season, and Sheree doesn’t mince words when talking about her former acquaintance. In fact, Sheree loves the idea of NeNe relocating to Miam, which Ms. Leakes did toy with at the start of last season!

“It would be a pleasure to have NeNe relocate there, but let's wait and see if a purchase is made in the end. If so, I hope she remembers to put some furniture in there, art work on the walls, and books on the shelves, because she forgot to do that in the place she currently rents. NeNe made a statement that I hit below the belt. This woman is delirious.”

NeNe said some pretty nasty things last season, but we wouldn’t say she’s delirious.

As for Cynthia Bailey’s previous comments that Sheree “lost a house, lost a car, and lost a man”, Sheree had plenty to say, and she did not hold back.

“Well let me educate you, darling, because obviously ignorance is bliss. I have never, ever lost a house, nor was I repeatedly evicted from several houses (that was your girl). I did have a car that was paid in full seized, which probably cost the amount of your home. Please don't get that confused with a repossession (again that was your girl). However, luckily for me, I had another car I could fall back on. Don't you and Peter share a car?”

Hmm, we were pretty sure that Sheree was evicted (and we know she’s had car trouble) but if she claims it’s all false then maybe that’s the case.

Regardless, it seems like Sheree had a lot to get off her chest and we’re glad she put everyone in their place!

Do you miss her on RHoA?

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