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The Voice’s Cody Belew Jokes About Getting Drunk With Christina Aguilera! — Exclusive

After Cody Belew’s intricate, choreographed performance of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” last week on The Voice, we were worried that he would have trouble finding his footing again. But during last night’s live show, he not only found the perfect genre, but proved himself as a Season 3 frontrunner.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the confident Southern singer on the red carpet after the show, he dished about toning down his performance, channeling his inner Freddie Mercury, and hanging out with Christina Aguilera.

How do you feel tonight? You performed a song by one of your musical idols!

I feel like I’m still having to prove that I’m a vocal contender and that’s OK. It’s nice to have to surprise people, and I hope that I pulled it off in the way that I felt that I did. You know, it wasn’t Freddie Mercury — it never will be — but it was me, and I lived in that moment. Visually it was what I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to do too much. They definitely asked me for more, but I was like, “Let’s keep it like this because it definitely needs to be about the music.”

Did you channel your inner Freddie Mercury when you were up there?

Yes. I was standing on that podium and as they are counting down — we hear that in our ears before it starts because you can’t hear when you have those in-ears in — and I just said a quick prayer to Freddie Mercury. I said, “I know it’s your song, but just let me do it justice and please be with me.”

Do you think he’d be proud?

I think so. If he had seen me all throughout this competition, he would be proud of me. I think that he would want to duet with me because he was such a believer in collaboration and lifting up the music for what is it. I think having the gospel choir, which is what he wanted for that song, is what he would have really been proud of.

What will we see from you in the coming weeks? Last time we talked you said you had the next few weeks planned out …

Yeah, you know I’ve really been begging for a ballad. I have a couple of things picked out. Don’t be surprised if I do a nod to my country roots because I think that it’s important to remind people of where I’m from, how far I’ve come, and that I don’t forget that place because it’s special to me.

Christina is a big Cody fan!

Yeah! Can’t help an endorsement. I love it.

She mentioned tonight that she wanted to hang out with you after the show. Will you take her up on that?

We’re always joking backstage because she and I are really alike. We can be real catty, but it’s just all in fun. I’d love to sit and drink wine with her and just gossip all day long because I know she’s got stories that I’d love to hear.

So that would be the ideal Christina hang then?

Oh yeah. We wouldn’t make it a big showy thing. We’d just sit there, cuss like sailors, and get drunk! [Laughs]

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11.28.2012 / 02:45 AM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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