The Voice’s Nicholas David Talks Music and His Wife’s Pregnancy: “As She Grows, My Beard Grows” — Exclusive
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The Voice

The Voice’s Nicholas David Talks Music and His Wife’s Pregnancy: “As She Grows, My Beard Grows” — Exclusive

From braided pigtails to an ever-growing beard, Team Cee Lo’s Nicholas David is like no other contestant The Voice has ever seen. The soul singer has overcome adversity to bring us the smooth stylings of a true musician.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Nicholas on the red carpet following last night’s live show to talk about everything from seahorses to Bill Withers.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about the beard. Your wife is going through a pregnancy and you’re growing it out. Whose idea was that and have you done it through all her pregnancies?

Nicholas David: Yep. Through all her pregnancies. I tried to think of ways that I could share that experience with her. I can’t make a baby. I’m not a seahorse. I can’t do it, so for the first time, I quit drinking — and I still now don’t drink — and that was one way to share that because when she’s pregnant she doesn’t drink. Another way I figured was for me to grow my beard so as she grows, my beard grows.

Does it get much longer than it is now?

Yeah, it was actually way longer, but they’ve kind of been trimming it and cutting it up against my will, but I’m playing the game.

Whose idea was the song that you did tonight? Was that yours?

Yeah. We’ve got this list of songs that we write and then the coaches have their ideas on it, and when they cross, they cross. That was something that we agreed on and somebody thought it would be a cool element to add some spice to it. It’s truly wild.

And meeting Bill Withers … how surreal was that?

That was probably the coolest moment on this whole trip for real. It’s been a trip to meet Rob Thomas and Jennifer Hudson and even all the coaches, but I feel like Bill Withers is a whole different story. I feel like he is one of the elders of the tribe. I was truly blessed to share space and to have him share his insight. It was unreal. I still can’t really believe that happened. When he came in, I was trying to pull it together and my legs were kind of shaking.

The audience loved you tonight. How did you feel about the performance?

I felt great. It’s hard to reflect on it after it happened because I feel like a vessel. It’s hard to come back to this plain and be like, oh this happened and this happened, but I feel good and my heart is feeling good and I feel awesome that I got to do a little keyboard, too.

That was pretty fun. You had your leg going out again.

Yeah. This guy [points to right leg] is on his own. I don’t know where he comes from. He moves. He’s got some moves.

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11.28.2012 / 12:45 AM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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