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The Voice’s Terry McDermott Spills About His Emotional Family Reunion: “Oh My God, I Was So Surprised!” — Exclusive

Team Blake’s Terry McDermott is known for being a classic rocker on The Voice Season 3, but during last night’s live show, he changed it up by singing his coach’s hit song “Over.”

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with him on the red carpet after the show, he explained his mindset going into the performance, talked his country connections, and spilled about his adorable (and emotional) family reunion in the Sprint Skybox!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Blake said he wanted your version of “Over” to outshine his. Do you feel like that happened tonight?

Terry McDermott: Oh, I don’t know about that. I feel like my version is the way that I wanted it to be. It was definitely a pleasure. It’s a great song and it was a great, fun challenge. I was more excited about singing this song than any song I’ve done on the show. And of course there’s a lot riding on it. It’s only Blake’s reputation on stake here, right? But no, he seemed happy with it, and that was my first concern. My first concern was that Blake felt that I did it justice.

Did you feel out of your element doing the country thing tonight as opposed to your typical classic rock songs?

People actually might be surprised. I’ve always had a degree of alternative country. In fact, the band that I came to America with, Driveblind, people always said we had a vein of that in the music we wrote. When I heard the song, I felt quite an affinity to it. I felt like it was a natural choice, and I hope I’m going to be proved right.

So was that a perfect rock and country crossover song for you?

Yeah. Definitely, and whether it’s rock or it’s country it’s about great songwriting, and that song had that. It makes my job all the easier.

What did you feel about Christina’s feedback tonight?

You know, I actually expected it, frankly. I kind of prepped myself for a lot of harsh feedback from people who were probably expecting more loyalty to the classic rock thing, and I was expecting more harsh feedback from the coaches for making the switch up, so to get off that lightly, I was actually quite happy.

Blake said that you really proved yourself tonight. Do you feel at this point in the competition that you’ve shown the best version of yourself to America?

I think so. I always felt like I had to have a week like this. I always felt that I needed to get that monkey off my back, I just didn’t know if the timing would be right. That was probably my biggest concern: the timing. If I get through this, I know exactly what I want to do next, and they actually said I can do it. Fingers crossed, because I really want to tackle this other song next week.

Can you give us any hints of what that song is?

I can’t, honestly, because I’m so tired at the moment [that] I’ll probably try and give you a hint and then tell you the name.

Were you very surprised that your wife and son showed up?

Oh my god, I was surprised! That was a genuine “no clue,” I had no idea. When I’m talking in the camera and wishing her a happy birthday, I’m genuinely thinking she’s at home in New Orleans, and then she appears just next to the camera!

What did she say about your performance? Did she get to watch it live?

She’s my best critic and my most harsh critic. She said, “You did very well. You looked at home up there, but make sure that you’re comfortable,” and now she’s got me paranoid that I wasn’t comfortable. That’s great. You need people to give you feedback so you can improve at every performance.

And your son got to see you perform. Was he also excited?

Yeah, he was delighted. It’s been a long day for him, so for him to be as chirpy and talkative is fantastic. He’s such a social guy anyway.

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