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What Happened During Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley’s First Sleepover? Gary Reveals Private Details!

Y'all ready for Story Time With Gary Shirley? Time to grab an organic watermelon and some heirloom tomatoes, because our favorite southern farmer is taking us on a trip to Flashback City to the fateful year that he and Amber Portwood first started dating.

"B 4 my mom knew I had a GF s snuck her n my RM," Gary muses. "she stayed over t nxt day my grandpa was walking by so I pushed her on t floor by t bed. Lol."

Oh, Gary. Pushing girls onto the floor like it's your job. Adorbs! But wait, it gets better.

"It was funny cause I had to go to church nxt day & I was taking her home my G PA came outside asked us if we wanted coffee w a huge grin," Gary continued, adding, "True story the girl was Amber this was like 7 years ago plus."

Sob, memories! The image of Gary shoving Amber off a bed and then bonding with his aged gramps is a thing of beauty, so we can only hope he shares more memories in the near future. Now, excuse us — we have some "Free Amber" shirts to screenprint.

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