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Jersey Shore

Why Is Pauly D Calling Vinny an “Idiot”? Did The Bromance Break Up?

Vinny’s toes are so gross in this video that just one sight could be a dealbreaker for any girl. After removing a haphazardly constructed bandage from his second toe, all we see is blood oozing out from under his toenail, and the potential for gangrene. Yuck!

Still, no amount of foot puss can break a bond like Vinny and Pauly D’s. After Pauly comes to check on his buddy in the clip below, he takes a close look at the toe and says, “You f---ed that s--t up.” Then Pauly calls Vin an “idiot.” But in such a cute way!

Check out the bromance in the clip from Jersey Shore Season 6 below!

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