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Andrew Marlowe Dishes on Alexis Castle’s Growing Pains and Reaction to Caskett — Exclusive

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett aren't the only ones experiencing significant growing pains in Castle Season 5. For Rick's 18-year-old daughter, Alexis, this season marks the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood. Now a freshman at Columbia University, Alexis is not only adapting to life on her own, but she's also faced with her father's burgeoning relationship.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Castle creator Andrew Marlowe, he dished on how these changes will affect Rick's ginger-haired mini me as she continues to come of age.

Wetpaint Entertainment: There have been some really amazing, awkward growing-up scenes for Alexis, like when she got drunk in the premiere and bumped into her dad at the sci-fi convention. Are we going to see more of Castle realizing that his little girl is actually growing up?

Marlowe: Look. I think we're going to have moments of it, of course. Yeah. We're going to have more of the kind of stuff that we dealt with in “Final Frontier.” And I think there are going to be moments where her not being around his grounding influence is coming into play, and her also establishing a life without him and the things that she's doing without him are going to come into play. But that's all part of the natural process between parents and kids, especially at that age.

Is love coming Alexis’s way?

There may be. I don't know if it's love, but I think that there may be a young gentleman in her future. But we'll see into that, and then explore it a little bit more as we move forward. At this point, it's just insinuation. We haven't cast anybody for the role yet.

Credit: Richard Cartwright /ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Do you think we'll see Lanie and Alexis back in the morgue any time soon?

Maybe. We've talked about that, but we haven't found a place where it fits naturally. It's certainly something that we've discussed. We think that they're both really terrific assets to the show, and we constantly talk about how do we get to see more of them in the show. But at the same time we know that the audience has invested four years in seeing Castle and Beckett come together, and they really want to explore what these two are like in their relationship. So we know that if we do some of that, we're taking away some stuff from some other folks and where the audience's attention wants to be right now.

Will we see Alexis have more of a reaction to Castle and Beckett?

Alexis, she's lived with her dad for a long time, and he's had lots of crazy adventures in his life. I think that she is pretty accepting, and it's just like, “This is the woman that my dad's been hanging out with for the last four years. OK. Now, they're in a relationship. OK.” I think when she starts to feel like it's becoming serious we'll see a little bit more tension and hesitation and push back there. But right now, honestly, she's more focused on what's going on her life and what's going on in college then she is with what's going on in the loft.

Do you hope to see more of Alexis in Castle Season 5? Share your thoughts below.

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