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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole to Snooki: Hanging Out Is “So Much Better When We’re Drunk” (VIDEO)

Does Deena Nicole need alcohol to have a good time? Her nickname is “Blast in a Glass” after all, but can she only have fun when she’s blasted?

In this clip of Snooki and Deena Nicole’s attempt at a sober meatball day, the former meatballs-in-crime go for an awkward ride on the Seaside Heights beach lift. After Deena shouts at another couple, “Do you guys do sex?” she laughs and says, “It’s so much better usually when we’re drunk.”

Then, after making it through some silent moments, Deena admits she feels weird hanging out without any alcohol. “I’m kind of getting anxiety up here,” she tells a much more relaxed (and pregnant) Snooki. “I need a couple drinks in me to be on this thing, I think,” she continues.

Do you think Deena has a problem? Or was she just stressed out this summer being away from boyfriend Chris Buckner?

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