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Glee Sectionals Ends With a “Big” Cliffhanger! Vanessa Lengies Previews Major Drama — Exclusive

Tonight on Glee, the New Directions face off against the Warblers at Sectionals, and it’s sounds like we’re in for quite the crazy ride! Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) about what we can expect from Season 4, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving.”

Almost all of the returning seniors are back. Kitty (Becca Tobin) is once again doing everything she can to sabotage Marley (Melissa Benoist). And the entire episode will end with a huge cliffhanger!

I feel like you guys haven’t been putting together your numbers for Sectionals. Is it just going to come together?
Right. Sectionals was different this year because last year, they built up to it more in previous episodes, and this year Sectionals happens over one episode. And there's so much drama going on with characters that it's not really about Sectionals so much. The pressure is still on to beat the Warblers at Sectionals. It's still very prominent in the storyline, but there's also so much other great stuff going on. Not to say that Sectionals take a backseat, but in a way it kind of does.

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Can you say anything about the Thanksgiving episode?
Everybody comes back for Thanksgiving. I mean, no matter where you go in America, Thanksgiving’s usually your time off. So we all get surprised by the graduates, and they come back and help us out. Also, there's a little bit of a teaser because we have trouble with Sectionals because Will is going to Washington. So we're kind of lost without a leader. And that's how they tied in all the graduates coming back and helping out for the Thanksgiving episode.

What can you tease about those intrapersonal relationships that take center stage during Sectionals?
Well, there is a Kitty/Marley situation. They're both fantastic human beings in real life. I instantly got along with both of them especially, Becca Tobin. She plays evil very well, but is not evil in real life. And her character has it out for Marley, in a way that even when I read the script, I'm a little bit like, wow. This is so Mean Girls. It's so intense. I'm appreciative that my high school experience was not that vicious.

So that comes to a pinnacle during Sectionals?
Yeah. At the end of Sectionals, that's the big cliffhanger. Sectionals definitely ends with a cliffhanger.

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