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Man Prepares for Apocalypse By Building His Own Ark

No, this is not a sequel to Evan Almighty (although that might be awesome).

One man, Lu Zhenghai, from Xinjiang Uyghur, a remote region in China, is building himself a legit ark — one that can survive flood, famine and general end-times mayhem — in preparation for the impending Mayan apocalypse. You do remember the world is supposed to end this December 21st, right?

According to the Huffington Post, Lu began building his massive lifeline in 2010, afraid that flood waters will destroy his home when the world ends next month. Spending his entire life savings, one million yuan (more than $160,000 US dollars), he‘s built the vessel himself, which will measures roughly 65 feet in length and will weigh nearly 80 tons when finished. Wow. That’s almost enough for us to hope the world does end! If not, maybe he can take up sailing?

Despite dropping a pretty penny on the ship, Lu told Global Times that due to lack of funds his work is still not completed, as he needs at least another mil (yuan, that is) for equipment. Um, he better hurry! We’re guessing the armageddon waits for no man — or woman, of course.

Source: Global Times, Huffington Post

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11.29.2012 / 05:08 AM EDT by Jana Moseley
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