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Revenge’s Padma Lahari vs. Marco Romero: Which Nolcorp CFO Is Hotter? (PHOTOS)

Nolan Ross is known for many things — including snazzy suits, colorful shirts with popped collars, and snarky one-liners — but the most recent revelation about the tech genius is his penchant for dating Nolcorp CFOs!

The trend all started with Marco Romero, Nolan’s ex-boyfriend. We learned a bit about him in Sunday’s flashback episode of Revenge, “Lineage,” but his portrayer, E.J. Bonilla told Wetpaint Entertainment editor Rachel McRady that there is much more intel to come!

Back in the day, the Nolster hid some vital details about nearly half a billion dollars disappearing, and when he spilled the truth to his CFO Marco, he was dumped on the spot. Ouch. But before that went down, we got to see the couple share a steamy lip lock, and Marco seemed much less threatening than Tyler Barrol.

However, since Nolan is a self-proclaimed “three on the Kinsey scale,” he’s now dating his current (newly-appointed, mind you) gorgeous CFO, Padma Lahari. Their adorable, geeky romance has heated up over the past few episodes, and we have to admit that this gal is easy on the eyes.

While we’re a little nervous about Padma’s intentions, we’d like to think that she just wants to make Nolan happy. It seemed like Marco felt that way, too, so to compare Nolan’s lovers, we’re going to be a bit shallow.

With their glasses and love for professional attire, they are basically cut from the same cloth, but you prefer Nolan with Marco’s and his well-fitted suits or Padma and her pencil skirts and cardigans? Vote below!

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11.29.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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