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Revenge Season 2: If Aiden Mathis Disappears Again, How Will It Affect Emily’s Revenge Plan?

In Sunday’s episode, Emily Thorne gave Aiden Mathis her most precious treasure. No, Revengers — not that kind of gift, though they did share some pillow talk! Ems showed her new boy toy the Infinity Box her father gave to her with all of the clues for bringing down those who hurt him.

She seems to think her Revenge School study buddy plans on sticking around for a while, but something in his gaze makes us a bit antsy. Emily once said that Aiden’s mission to find his missing sister, Colleen, failed, but we’re not certain she’s a goner just yet.

If Aiden betrays Emily in favor of his sister for a third time, it could potentially send her off the deep end. This poor girl has very few people she can count on even Jack is marrying Fauxmanda and Aiden was the first real, adult relationship she’s had where she could be honest about everything going on around her.

Colleen’s connection to the downing of Flight 197 could also put Emily’s revengenda at risk. Emily’s goal was originally to clear her father’s name, but what if she had the opportunity to save Colleen’s life, even if it meant aborting her own mission?

Sigh, just a day in the life of a vigilante. Do you think Emily’s plan would be affected if Aiden disappears again? Weigh in below!

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11.29.2012 / 04:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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