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Revenge Season 2: Will Emily Thorne and Aiden Mathis Last?

When Aiden Mathis first showed up on Revenge with his British accent and impeccable jaw-line, we were slightly suspicious. Who was this hunky imposter, and what did he want with our girl Emily Thorne? Well, after almost half a season watching Aiden troll around the Hamptons, we're officially in love. And it's perfect timing!

Aiden and Emily have finally consummated their revengey passion, and it looks like they're "going steady" (in the words of your middle-aged parents). But guys? We're so worried. People just can't stop won't stop dying in The Hamptons, and we fear Aiden will up and expire on Em. Or worse, betray her. Or double-infinity worse, she'll remember that she's in love with Jack, and completely reject Aiden.

There are so many ways this beautiful relationship could go wrong, but let's not forget that Aiden and Em have one thing in common: Revenge. Do you think their coupledom will stand the test of time, or is this love-fest even more doomed than Declan's flirtation with hemp?

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11.29.2012 / 09:01 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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