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Revenge’s Barry Sloane Talks His First Encounter With Emily VanCamp: “It Was a Baptism of Fire”

Creating chemistry out of thin air is tough for an actor, but building a relationship after dragging another character out of the ocean the first day on set can be quite the challenge. And that’s just what Revenge’s Barry Sloane (Aiden Mathis) had to do with Emily VanCamp.

This British actor was introduced to the close-knit cast for the first time this season, and was immediately expected to play a character with deep ties to Emily Thorne.

“The very first time we worked together we were on the beach, coming out of the ocean,” Barry told Starry Constellation Magazine. “She had been tied to a post and I had to grab hold of her and drag her out of the water. Then, we had to fight each other. So, it was a baptism of fire.”

The former soap opera actor felt like a fish out of water on the Los Angeles set.

“I had literally just gotten off the plane and my pasty British skin was frying in the California sun,” he revealed. “But, yeah, we got on.”

But Barry quickly got in the swing of things, thanks to his partner in crime, Emily VanCamp.

“Emily is a fantastic actor and I enjoy working with her,” he said. “I think when you've got two people who can hold their own then you usually get decent chemistry between the two of them. It's easy working with her. She's fantastic! It's easy to see why the show has been such a success with someone like her leading it.”

Do you think Emily has better chemistry with Aiden or Daniel (played by her real-life boyfriend, Josh Bowman)? Weigh in below!

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine

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