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Revenge’s E.J. Bonilla Weighs in on the Possibility of Nolan Ross and Emily Thorne Having a Romantic Relationship — Exclusive

Being a self-proclaimed “three on the Kinsey Scale,” Revenge’s Nolan Ross enjoys making romantic connections regardless of gender. In Season 1, the tech genius got tangled up in Tyler Barrol’s twisted web, and he’s currently dating his Nolcorp CFO, Padma Lahari.

But Padma isn’t the only CFO Nolan’s fallen for. In Sunday’s flashback episode we were introduced to Nolcorp’s first CFO, Marco Romero, who was also Nolan’s boyfriend at the time. Sadly, the two broke things off when Marco learned Nolan helped finance the daughter of a convicted terrorist (aka Amanda Clarke-turned Emily Thorne).

And while there’s still plenty to come from Marco (read exclusively about it here), Wetpaint Entertainment decided to ask actor E.J. Bonilla about the potential of another relationship for Nolan.

Revengers across the globe have been calling for Nolan and Emily Thorne to get together, even actor Gabriel Mann is on board, but show creator Mike Kelley and the rest of the cast seem to think that the two share a sibling relationship.

Here’s E.J.’s take on the possibility of a “Nemily” hookup:

Wetpaint Entertainment: A lot of Revenge fans are really into the relationship between Nolan and Emily. Many have said they’d like them to get together romantically. Gabriel Mann’s said that as well, but a lot of the cast members disagree and they say the relationship is more like two siblings. What do you think of those ideas?

E.J. Bonilla: That’s a really interesting idea. I completely understand how someone could have a brother/sister relationship, but at the same time when you’re not actually siblings, that line could get blurred. It often does. You have those moments where you’re like, “But no, you’re like my sister. But I want to kiss you. OK!” I think that’s a complete possibility in a world where she has so few people she can trust. It would be fairly simple for her to take comfort in his arms and she doesn’t allow herself to be comforted very easily by anyone. Most recently by Aiden, but I think it’s possible.

Why do you think Nolan remains so loyal to Emily? He literally put his company and relationships on the line, yet she doesn’t give that much in return. Why do you think that is?

I think she has been jaded. When you get caught up in revenge and in anger and in hate, the best version of you doesn’t come out. [Nolan] says it in this past episode, it’s the idea that her father, David Clarke, took him at his word at a time when Nolan had nothing and no one. And you feel an accountability to the loved ones of that person, especially after they pass. So I think it’s hard for him sometimes and he choses to trust and to fight and to plow forward because he believes in what she’s trying to do.

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If you could play any character on this show that wasn’t Marco? Who would it be?

Emily gets to do everything! Who wouldn’t want to be her? She gets to fight, kung fu, shoot people, and hang upside down, put masks on, it’s crazy. She got to train in Japan for 20 years or however long it was.

Do you think Emily and Nolan will ever get together? Weigh in below!

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