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Top 10 Quotes From Bones Season 8, Episode 8: “I Have A Large Rugged Pelvis”

Get ready to LOL yourself silly, because this week's episode of Bones was all about comedy! Oh, and murder. And peanut butter-covered human remains. And bashed in skulls. And cheating scandals. With that in mind, are you ready to laugh? Check out the top 10 quotes from Season 8, Episode 8 "The But in the Joke!"

10. Hodgins (TJ Thyne) forces Angela (Michaela Conlin) to give up her goods: "Babe, I need your secret stash of peanut butter."
So good to know we're not alone.

9. Zed gets pumped about his crotch: "I have a large rugged pelvis? Boo-ya!"
No one's pelvis is more rugged than Booth's.

8. Booth (David Boreanaz) has a love fest with comedy: "I laugh out loud all the time I see that."
This is literally not a sentence.

7. Fisher works his funny bone: "Unfettered psychopathic violence! Hilarious, right?"
We're so worried about Fisher murdering us in our sleep.

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6. Booth pumps up Brennan (Emily Deschanel): "Go math! Math people forever, right?"

5. Zed mutters to himself: "This frenzied passion for art is a canker. Devours everything else."
We're still horrified that Angela kissed this dude.

4. Booth tries his hand at open mic: "You know who has a lot of good ideas? Lamps!"
Nope, nope, nope.

3. Zed spies Cam, proceeds to word-vom: "Is that you, sweet chocolate angel?"
We feel weird about this.

2. Angela gets annoyed with Hodgins: "Why are you being jealous?"
Um, because you just made out with another dude.

1. Fisher makes a joke: "I am incapable of truly loving another human being. For that reason I will never sire an heir."
Oh, the LOLs!

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11.29.2012 / 04:48 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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